• Available in drums and bags
  • 11 sizes
  • Contains damp proofing agents – tests prove less than 10% absorption.
  • Best protection against spalling (concrete cancer), and cracking.
The fundamentals of making good concrete have been known since the nineteenth century, but not often used in reinforced concrete because of the difficulties of placement, compaction and curing. Poor quality control led to rusting of the reinforcing steel and spalling (chip, crack or flack) of the concrete cover.

To eliminate this weakness it is essential that the reinforcing bars be surounded by sufficient impermeable concrete to stop them from rusting. If moisture and/or air penetrate the concrete the reinforcing will then rust and expand, which will encourage the concrete to spall and reinforcing to be exposed.

PCP Concrete Spacers Ltd, manufacturers of concrete spacers, continue with an ongoing research and development program allied to production testing, which keeps our product as the leader in eliminating the rusting and spalling problem so often seen in other non concrete barchairs. The superior performance comes from the poured concrete’s ability to bond around the spacer made of compatible physical characteristics.

PCP spacers use a waterproofing agent and as can be seen on the accompanying test report are able to exceed the stated 75 Mpa figure we quote.
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Where strength, longevity, and reliability are paramount, PCP Concrete Spacers are the proven choice. We have supplied millions of blocks for bridges, swimming pools, damns, reservoirs, waste water plants, port authorities, motorways, stadiums and universities.

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